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There are a lot of restaurants in Cayman with amazing views.  Alfresco’s has one of the best.

Isn’t that lovely?

Our friend Norma – you know, the Irish Coffee genius – was recently visited by her sister’s family who spent three weeks in the Cayman Islands on holiday.  On one of their last nights here, we all decided to dinner at Alfrescos in West Bay which is just up the road from both of our homes.  Clark Kent and I firmly believe they have the best pizza on island but we almost always go with takeaway…for reasons soon to be explained.

So we got there at 6 o’clock.  And I got this lovely rum punch at 7 o’clock on the nose.  Yup.  It took them an hour to get me a drink.  It was a damn fine rum punch.  Not sure it was worth an hour wait though.  Sigh.

So once properly libated, we ordered our starters. CK went with the bruschetta.  CK’s only concern was the portion size, which was pretty much massive but he went on to say ‘I hate to complain about good food.’  So thumbs up from him.

Mine was also fantastic: garlic sauteed mushrooms.  The flavor was out of this world.  However, it came a good 20 minutes after everyone else’s starters.  I didn’t mind so much though.  The rum punch was kicking in. Norma settled on the Mozzarella. ‘The salad looks pretty sad,’ she says, ‘and it doesn’t taste terribly fresh.’

Dinner for me was potato encrusted baked grouper with a mild coconut curry sauce.  AMAZING.  Which only made it that much tougher for me to give it a good 10 minutes too cool down after I scalded the roof of my mouth with the first bite.  CK had the Caribbean tiger shrimp curry.  He loved it!  Norma made her own pizza: gorgonzola, roasted garlic, bell peppers and spinach on a whole wheat crust.  She was disappointed with her dish but admittedly because she chose the wrong flavors.  There was a battle royale going on between the gorgonzola and the garlic but that was ‘the only fault.

As usual, I was the only person manly enough to go for dessert.  I chose the banana toffee pie.  So very good.  This was seconded and thirded by the elder and younger Stoner which also joined us for dinner and took absolutely zero coercing when I couldn’t finish all of my dish.

Norma’s clan, The Stoners and Clark Kent at Alfresco’s

Mozzarella – $7.95
Bruschetta – $5.95
Garlic mushrooms – $8.50
Baked Grouper – $17.95
Tiger Shrimp Curry – $16.95
Banana Toffee Pie – $6.95

All prices in CI.  $1 CI = $1.25 US.

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  1. One hour for a drink?? I would not be so patient 😉 Nice post, with a lot of delicious looking food! YUM! The dessert looks fantastic, mmh 🙂

  2. everything looks great! All that delicious food makes me hungry. even tho you waited an hour for your drink looks like it worth the wait, and so does that banana toffee pie. Yummy!!

  3. I can't believe you had to wait an hour for a drink! That rum punch looks really good though as does everything else!

  4. Love this restaurant…the outdoor eating in an island settig, is always a “must”…we have plenty of these here in S. Florida.
    Love all the amazing foods…just have to close my eyes when I look at that gorgeous dessert, and drooling like a “dessert addict”…LOL.

  5. An hour to get you a rum punch? Bless your patience – I would probably have gone behind the bar and mixed my own after about 20 mins!

    On the other hand, the views look spectacular and the food (apart from a couple of items) sounds wonderful. Particularly liking that grouper with coconut sauce – maybe you could extract the recipe for your blog…? Here's hoping.

  6. seriously, banana toffee pie? I'm wo-man enough to get dessert all the time too! love it.

    what image gallery do you use?

    an hour for a drink? really ? I do feel that no drink is worth the hour wait…

  7. What an evening and such a pretty view. Not sure a pretty view makes up for it taking an hour to get a drink. My husband would have left. I understand why you usually do take-out.

    After living in the islands for years, salads can by “iffy” to order as sometimes the greens aren't as fresh as you would like. Hey, if I had to travel as far as they did to get there, I might not be so fresh on arrival either. LOL

    Glad you and your friends had a nice time. In the end that's what counts. You can get food anywhere. Can't say the same about fun with friends.

  8. Sounds like you had an incredible assortment of delicious food served at a very casual pace…it could always be worse! You had good company and the beauty of nature to keep you entertained.

  9. That food looks AMAZING. Holy yum!

  10. Nothing better than good food, good company, and a great view! That rum punch looks pretty inviting 🙂

  11. LOL! I was the only one at my table last night “manly” enough to get dessert too. Cheers to that! 🙂

  12. An hour wait for a drink?? UGH! But the food looks fabulous! And the view…wow!

  13. What a restaurant – the views, the food and the company all look fabulous. You are so lucky! Starting off with that punch at 7pm and finishing off with everyone watching you eat that banoffee pie – do they come with 10 spoons? Fantastic!

  14. Sounds like great food, but the service leaves something to be desired. Having lived in Barbados for 6 months, I know that “island time” is a whole different creature than normal time!

  15. Can’t believe you waited one hour for your drinks! And it is a bit weird if the food for one table doesn’t come out at the same time. I don’t think I could be that patience…But it looks like you had lots of fun and enjoyed the food anyway.

  16. An hour to get a drink? It's a good thing the rest of the food was delicious.

  17. Why do these people not wish to bring you your food? How frustrating.

  18. So jealous!! Everything looks so delicious, especially that lovely cocktail! Looks like it was well worth the wait 🙂

  19. God bless your patience! An hour for a drink!!! My head would have been spinning! LOL!

  20. What a beautiful view! At least the waiting won't be so bad! Everything looks delicious. I would love to try the garoupa with the curry sauce!

  21. Everything looked delicious – I'm sorry there was a timing issue with the foods. I would have wanted dessert and offered to split something….but I would have tried!

  22. LOL, I wouldn't order dessert either, but I'd definitely want a bite of yours! Are you ever going to run out of fabulous restaurants??? Another winner…and look at your gorgeous views!

  23. Ohh that view! I am so jealous!!!!! The service sounds quite terrible but the food looks great to me! Especially the dessert!!!!!!

  24. Eating good in the neighborhood should be the name of your blog! Your the smartest one in the bunch-I would not have passed on dessert even if I had to take it all home and eat later. Awesome view there.

  25. In the summer9winter here now) we go for a Picnic on the beautiful beaches of pacific Ocean.There is al fresco magic in it as can be seen here too;)

  26. Good food, good company – life is good 🙂

  27. Your amazing, party hardy for sure love these pictures so much fun enjoy every minute! Lucky lady!

  28. I think some of us have a separate stomach for dessert. I have one. I can be 100% full and find room if someone twists my arm. (not hard)

    Looks like a fun night even if you had a long wait.

  29. Wow, nothing like great looking food and nice view.
    Hope you have a great week ahead 🙂

  30. I may have to stop reading your blog – you just make me jealous at every turn! Just kidding, I won't stop 🙂

  31. Great view, great food and great idea to go for desserts, I would certainly do the same:)

  32. I guess you know Mr. Herb Garden would have loved your entree. Sounded delicious. Your dessert looked sinful as well! So jealous! However, must'nt complain, we had the buffalo tenderloin filet at the Y.O.Ranch Steakhouse yesterday. Good food abounds everywhere! Mrs. Herb Garden

  33. Parsley Sage – I thought you did not go to this restaurant due to some skin disease the chef has?! What happened? Yes the service is terrible, everytime we go (or used to go) it was terrible but the pizza AMAZING!

  34. This restaurant looks like it serves such delicious food! And what great views from your table!

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