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As I mentioned in my Coconut Rice post, it was recently Restaurant Week in Cayman.  That means lots of good deals! The idea is to draw customers to local restaurants at the typically slow time of year.  In fact, lots of restaurants close down entirely in Cayman for September and parts of October because there’s no business. This year there were twelve participating restaurants offering lunch menus for $15 CI and dinner menus for $25 and $35 dollars (not including booze.) Clark Kent and I invited Rachel and her hubby to sample the $35 menu at Abacus – ‘Contemporary Caribbean Dining.’

We had three options for both the starter and the main course.  You could also get a ‘flight of wines’ which included a Sauvignon Blanc from Cono Sur Vineyard, a Merlot from Charles Smith and a Rioja Reserva from Beronia for an additional charge.

I started with a roasted sweet potato soup with ginger crips and cilantro leaves.  This lovely rich soup packed some pretty amazing flavor.  And it was great seeing what I would consider a ‘fall’ item on the menu.

Rachel chose the marinated tomato, cucumber and vegetables with a lemon-oregano vinaigrette and CK, the red snapper ceviche with avocado & orange salsa and peppered popcorn.  The popcorn was a big hit.  It was fun and yummy and CK said it paired nicely with the avocado and ceviche.  Rach was less enthusiastic about hers but admittedly that was her own fault because she forgot she didn’t like cucumbers. Bless.

Rachel and I both had the pan seared Mahi Mahi with pickled cho cho and sweet peppers and coconut-lemongrass scented rice.  Okay that rice…hot stuff!  It was delicious and complimented nicely with the (very) buttery fish.

Big shocker.  The men went for the meat.  Rawr.  Theirs was a grilled sirloin skirt steak with red chimichurri and grilled red onion and yucca fries.  I kept sneaking bites of this.  So good.  ‘Great!’ said CK. ‘Very peppery, but nice.’ We’re in the Caribbean, bring on the spice!

‘Dessert was pleasantly surprising,’ exclaimed CK after snarfing his.  And it was.  A lovely little cake to round out a lovely little evening with good food and good friends.

Restaurant Week 3 Course Dinner – $35
Flight of Wine – $15

All prices in CI. $1 CI = $1.25 US.

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  1. Incredible menu! I would go for the meat as well. It looks amazing!

  2. Looks like a wonderful meal! Loving that popcorn was served with the ceviche! What a cool idea!!

  3. They started doing this in Charlotte as well to get people come and eat because downtown restaurants are closing one after another.
    I would go for the steak as well. Looks vibrant!

  4. This food looks incredible!! That soup looks so delicious.

  5. The whole meal sounds really delicious! And what a great value =)

  6. HIIII! :))
    Want to share that bowl of sweet potato soup with me?! YUMMMMO!

  7. This place looks divine! My kind of food!

  8. Love the sweet potato soup, and for dessert the pineapple rum caramel upside down cake is “heavenly”…truly an island delight flavors:DDD

    I started a new blog list, since by mistake I wiped out the entire blog list, and added your blog, as well, so I can see your latest post each time, at a glance!

  9. Everything looks magnificent, and, at such a great deal it's just too tempting to pass up. The pineapple rum cake has me drooling!

  10. I wish we had more places that offered wine paring. This restaurant looks delicious!

  11. That mahi mahi looks excellent!

  12. WHAT a meal! Anything described as 'Contemporary Caribbean Dining' has my attention. That soup looks simply delicious, but that dessert? Yep, that will do! Love it! You really need to work for the Cayman tourism board!

  13. Coconut lemongrass rice sounds so delish! Yum…

  14. I love restaurant weeks. Yours looks especially delicious! I can't believe restaurants would close in September/October without an event like this. So glad you supported them 🙂

  15. What a great way to get locals to eat out!

  16. Wow, everything looks so good…I would love to try them all 🙂
    Hope you are having a great week!

  17. My mouth started watering at the pan-seared Mahi Mahi. Yum!

  18. Sounds like a scrumptious dinner…I'm eyeing the dessert 😛

  19. Have I mentioned before how envious I am of your dining out adventures? lol, yeah, I'm pretty sure you get that by now 😉

  20. Not a huge meat eater…but that sweet potato soup has caught my attention!

  21. Pineapple Rum Caramel Cake Upside Down and a “flight” of wines sounds like my kind of fun!

  22. Once again, you've made me jealous! Looks like a great evening — great food, fun company, and wine, too! (I would have gone for that hunk of meat, too — the steak, I mean.)

  23. Is there no end to fabulous restaurants in the Caymans?? What an outstanding meal for $35! Everything looks scrumptious~

  24. I'll take a piece of cake pleeeeeeease 😀 !

  25. Nice food, esp the mahi mahi and lemongrass scented rice.

  26. Okay, nobody has commented on the ceviche and popcorn, so I'm going for that! As a mains (a tub of peppered popcorn, please). Everything you and your friends ate look delicious! I hate that the Cayman Islands are so FAR away… :-(.

  27. FABULOUS! What a great meal! I'm glad you enjoyed your meal and the dessert looks incredible!

  28. That looks like such a lovely restaurant. I love restaurants that offer flights of wine, too! And I'd have snarfed down that cake in a heartbeat! It all looks so good!

  29. The restaurant looks great! wish i had a little time to dine at nice restaurants – well maybe when Tiffany gets a little older …
    Great looking dishes!

  30. As always, love these restaurant posts. What a great way to spend an evening in the Cayman Islands. Love it.


  31. Looks like a great spot.I love being able to take advantage of these kind of deals.

  32. That cake looks really delicious!

  33. That soup sounds delicious. I love soups this time of year, especially squash and pumpkin soups. The color is awesome!

  34. Great place to eat and enjoy.Lucky you;)

  35. Is Erin calling the steak juicy and delicious, or the boys? 🙂

  36. Such a great looking restaurant. I am wild with envy!

  37. This looks like a great place to be. Thanks for the review.

  38. I want to go with the boys and that steak! Looks juicy and delicious!

  39. looks fantastic. mmmm ideas

  40. Love to try all these courses; I have to admit I have never tasted Mahi Mahi, but will order it next time I have the chance.

  41. Yummy!! Everything looks amazing and I must have that soup!! 🙂

  42. Wow – this looks like one of the best restuarants – that steak looks amazing!!
    and the soup!
    Mary x

  43. I hate to admit it but I would have went right for the meat too. That steak looks incredible.Everything looks incredible, but oh man that steak is killing me. lol

  44. Glad you got out to splurge a little- wine sampling, delicious entrees and an awesome dessert. It does not get much better-another great dining experience.
    Even if I dined everywhere in the Caymans, I would have to start the cycle over again-instead of giving it up and I am sure you are in agreement with that!

  45. Loved all of this and the flight of wines sounded wonderful. CK snarfed his? Good idea 😉 Somebody had to taste all of that for us – and thank you! Wish I could pop over…

  46. That mahi dish sounds amazing…flavors sound so great together! Sounds like another fun dinner!

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