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June Plum Pizza

Posted | 43 comments

Great googly moogly.  I’ve made something with yeast… This month’s baking club assignment was pizza dough.  At first I...

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Coconut Pie

Posted | 36 comments

It’s been a big week in the Cayman Islands.  The country held its first stand alone referendum on Wednesday on an issue called One...

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Mango Madness

Posted | 20 comments

It’s mango season.  Hallelujah.  Last week we celebrated with a mango crumble.  This week, its Cayman’s 3rd Annual Mango...

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Baking Club Crumble

Posted | 39 comments

July is one of the most beautiful times to be on Grand Cayman.  Yes yes, its hot and humid but its also when the poinciana trees bloom....

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