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A Holiday Helping Hand

Posted | 39 comments

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Carolyn from the Blog Content Guild. She asked me me if I was interested in sharing one of her articles...

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Mango Chicken

Posted | 51 comments

I hope everybody in the U.S. had a very happy Thanksgiving!  I may have ‘gobbled’ a few times yesterday as I sat at my desk...

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Posted | 44 comments

It’s Restaurant Club time again and this month we headed to the Ritz-Carlton to check out Taikun. ‘Taikun fuses the finest...

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Surrender Yer Booty!

Posted | 53 comments

Avast, ye Landlubbers! Captain Parsley Sage here, welcoming you to Pirates Week in the beloved Isle Cayman. Every year, the Cayman Islands...

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Banana Toffee Panini

Posted | 54 comments

Greetings from the USA! It’s cold.  Like, proper cold. I’m well bundled though (perhaps a little over-bundled to my...

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Cayman Culinary Society Trade Show

Posted | 30 comments

Welcome to the 21st Annual Cayman Culinary Society Trade Show and Cooking Competition!  Where the freebies are scrumptious…...

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Kiwi n’ Ginger

Posted | 52 comments

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or because every day in Cayman is pretty much the same, but I just cannot...

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Posted | 42 comments

Clark Kent and I have lived in the district of West Bay since we moved to the Cayman Islands five years ago.  When we first got here, we...

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